Speed dating for young people

Going on a date is hard enough and doing speed dating can take a little bit of courage, especially when you are young.This does not stop Theresa from gate crashing her daughter Victoria’s speed dating session and then going on to start reading the people attending.The programs come in response to the country's population woes.

Later one woman is a real sceptic but once she hears what her father has to say through Theresa, her doubts turns into belief.

It’ll make you faster, smarter, more focused, more confident, more loved up, it’s kind of spiritual…will put you in touch with the inner you. With this pill, you’ll be able to read minds, talk to the animals and even time travel. help Female: Come on, cheer up grumpy face, it’s a party!

It’s like the best high you’ve ever had in your life times ten!

In Japanese, the practice is known as It may, in fact, be more endemic to how people are expected to manage their work-life balance.

Unlike countries that offer more generous parental leave, Japan only offers 14 weeks of maternity leave at 60% pay.

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